GTPro | Indianápolis – Main Race

17 of June of 2021

GTPro | Indianápolis - Main Race

For the last race of this Season I would have 45 minutes and I would start in 4th position, and once again a change in the starting procedure brought confusion in braking for the first corner; I got to be side by side with the leader of the race but to avoid the accident I ended up going a little wider and went down to 5th place.

The intention was not to gain positions right at the start, but a bad start by the two riders in front of me caused this situation that made me lose a position, but nothing was lost as there were still 45 minutes of race left!

I struggled, struggled, struggled but my Bentley tires were getting worse and I couldn't keep 5th position and after a small touch from the 6th placed in the back of my car, which took me to the grass and made me lose speed for the curve next, where the driver ended up overtaking me, but races are like that but it wasn't right in my opinion.

As time went by I was more and more concerned about the condition of the tyres, the temperature and wear were high, perhaps the biggest wear at the time and this brought problems at the end of the race, where I ended up falling to 7th place from where I didn't. I left, even though I was under pressure from the 8th place in the race that ended up being the GT3 Pro champion, Von Der Heyde, to whom I would like to congratulate myself for the excellent season, very regular and practically error-free.

I ended the Championship in 11th position, which turned out to be a disappointment as I led the Championship at the beginning and after the problems at Silverstone, I realized that these are here to stay and only in this last round I managed to solve some of these problems, returning to do good results. .

I promise to fight for better results next season and maybe finish on the podium!

I don't want to say goodbye to this GT3 Pro Season 3 without thanking my Team FordZilla team for the support they've given me, and my sponsors, Digital Spirit and Primis Engineering for the incredible support they've given me throughout the Championship in development from tuning to my Bentley and sharing knowledge and information.

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