GTPro | Indianápolis – Quali & Sprint Race

17 of June of 2021

GTPro | Indianápolis - Quali & Sprint Race

Sixth and final round of the rFactor 2 GT3 Pro Championship, the most competitive Championship in this simulator, and arguably the most coveted.

Held in Indianapolis, in the circuit version, everything was anybody's guess once again, as it was a new version of the track nobody knew the lap times and no speed references, whether in qualifying or race.

When I started qualifying I saw right away that I could fight for a top 10 because I felt pretty good, maybe even a top 5, if I could do a really good lap.

It started well, I made 5th time, but the other drivers were improving and even taking more than half a tenth of a second off my initial lap was not enough to go beyond 8th.

A change in the starting procedure that this time would be given by the race director, and not by the driver who was in pole position to decide when the race starts, which once again brought a bit of unpredictability as when braking for the first corner arrived to be 4 cars side by side, which obviously didn't end well !

A few touches and spins but I managed to get through without any problems and gained a braking position for the first corner, which was good because with the extreme difficulty that "my" Bentley causes me when trying to overtake the opponents ahead of me .

The positions unfortunately didn't change until the end even after in the early part I still attacked 6th place, but without success and so I ended up in a good 7th place.

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