GTPro | Nürburgring – Main Race

19 de April de 2021

GTPro | Nurburgring - Main Race

I went to this race without any expectations, because I know that starting from the back of the grid is synonymous with accidents and touches, and so it was.

In the first 3 curves there were several accidents in front of me that I happily managed to get through without problems and when I noticed I was already 18th, with that i won 11 places in one lap, which made my motivation go up a bit, going on the attack with another soul!

I really thought I could reach one of the top 10 if I managed to keep myself out of trouble, as I was still far behind.

So I started the attack and on the next lap I tried to overtake, but the driver who was going 2 places in front of me was very close and when braking for the first corner we ended up touching very lightly, but it was enough for him to change is line a litlle making it so the driver that was behind him crash into my car, ending up with me spinning out of track plus another car touched mine as i was coming into track making my car  damaged everywhere; the only part that wasn't damaged was the rear wing, since my control arms and suspension were damaged fromt there on onwards it was maintaining my car on the track and trying to make some points.

In the middle of all of this, fortunatly there were also some touches in front of me, in wich some drivers lost positions, and so i ended 19ºplace, what isn't all that bad knowing what happened during the race.

In short, another round to forget, despite having more points than at Silverstone, it is one of those rounds where everything bad happens and I can only work even harder for the next race on the 3rd of May in Sebring.


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