GTPro | Sebring – Quali & Race

3 of May of 2021

GTPro | Sebring - Quali & Race

This time we head to Sebring, a track that in the past was an Airport and that due to the type of floor, full of irregularities, is one of the tracks where tuning is most important and where every mistake or bad choice pays for itself very expensive.


The difficult Qualification

This didn't go well, due to a bad choice on my part with the tuning of the car, because I just focused on tuning for some rain (30%) and unfortunately that was not what happened, it rained strongly …, it seemed more like a real storm, because i couldn’t see almost nothing ahead and that was the price I paid ! Very loose car with no traction, and a 26th place at the start for the first Sprint race; a terrible result considering what I can do with this car, but as I said, I didn’t knew the conditions I would encounter and I focused on a wrong setting and I just have to blame myself.


A Sprint Deluge !

Reasonable start for the Sprint race (15 min.) And due to a few touches in front of me I went up to 22nd place, was overtaken on the brakes for turn 1 on the second lap and when I was fighting to try not to go down any more places i make a spin on the most complicated corner of the circuit and I went down to 29th place, but it was all in vain because on the last corner of this first race ... my game betrayed me again and I couldn't finish it !?

It seems that nothing goes well in these last few races.

Deluge - Part 2 !


I was unable to enter the race again to be able to participate in the second Race of this round (the Main Race) and only after restarting the computer I was able to enter, and with only 10 seconds to load the settings and fuel the car for the race; all done in a hurry, I ended up going in, again with rain (lots of rain…) and tires ... for a dry race (a problem that sometimes happens in rFactor 2), which I should have confirmed, but with all this hustle and bustle of getting everything ready I didn't do it and as a result, the race was spoiled right away; I had to stop immediately on the formation lap and lost about 40 seconds with all of this. Positive side? I did a very good second race, with a high level of consistency, the best driving I remember doing, almost without the slightest mistake, but the time lost at the beginning didn’t allow me to climb any position “in the arm”, only with the withdrawal of other drivers went up and finished 24th, far below what I could have done, because I think that with my pace and if I had started with the rain tires I could have finished 16th possibly.

Once again, many thanks to Digital Spirit and Primis Engineering for the immense help and support they have given me.

See you at the next and final race of the Championship, which will be held in Indianapolis!

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