Main Race in Imola

08 of March of 2021

Main Race in Imola

Then i kick off into the second race, that such as in the previous season started with the inversion of the 10 highest placed racers in the grid of the first race.

We all started together, me being in 8º, that I maintained until after some laps there was a touch between 2 racers in front of me, one of them slided and I took advantage to win one more position; meanwhile the racer that had finished in second in the Sprint Race had a slide after another racer knocked him, and the same happened to the racer that won the last race,  while trying the overtake he commited a mistake, went to the gravel and silded and the result of that was a trip into the last places of the race.

And just like that I saw myself in a position of probable leadership of the Championship in the first race!

I kept my cool and after some battles in front of me I started seeing some racers feeling difficulties with the tyres and I started attacking; trying to win even more points is always important and that was my mistake. While I was running really close with a racer in front of me he overbraked into a corner, probably some distraction of is part, because I don’t believe that it was on purpose mainly because of in what corner it happened, the sudden loss of speed caught me off guard making it so I had to give him a small touch, but I was the one in loss, because the Bentley rear end started getting lose and I almost slided out of the race, the result?

I dropped 2 positions into ninth place, and with my tyres overheating, and knowing that it was really hard overtaking in Imola I ended the race in 9º place and 3º in the overall of the 2 races combined in conjunction with another racer.

A bitter result since two of the highest places in the first race had to withdraw from the fight in the beginning of the second race. I was a bit disappointed since I would have liked to come out of Imola in the lead of the Championship, and now remains working for the next race in Spa, a complete wonder to be honest, since I don’t know how my car is going to behave in there, but with one certainty, that I am going to give my very bast to get the best results possible.

See you in Spa, with or without rain!

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